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Why? Because you really don’t want anyone in your organization to be a Derk, a guy who simply can’t get it right.

Deploying the Don’t be a Derk Toolbox is Easy:

1. Download a Free Power Point case study featuring a weekly topic.

2. Purchase Related Video.

3. Use video with Power Point at your next training session.

4. Have fun and increase retention by using Don’t Be a Derk merchandise such as buttons, hats and posters!

5. Drive point home by playing videos in your break room featuring a new topic every week.

Don’t want to do it yourself, we can deploy the entire program for you on our LMS.

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Distracted Driving Training

1. Sample Employer Policy on Distracted Driving.

2. Defensive Driving Pledge Form.

3. Distracted Driving Poster.

4. Free Mileage Form.